At Golden Teak, we specialise in solid recycled and plantation teak furniture handcraft in Indonesia by our meticulous craftsmen. The continuous pursue for quality, value and dedication to excellence means the entire process of making a piece of furniture is carefully controlled and monitored, from raw wood to finished product. Resulting in a combination of style and durability which will insure decades of comfortable usage.


Recycled teak has always been considered a premium material that is strong and flexible with excellent durability due to its seasoned and air-dried nature. Besides being environmentally friendly, furniture made from these recycled hardwood, wears its historical characteristics such as knots, nicks and imperfections proudly.

Grown on carefully managed plantation in Indonesia, we craft high quality plantation teak at our facility and each stage in the production process are strictly controlled.

Our wood range comes in a natural smooth sanded finish. That is fuss-free and easy to maintain.


Make a statement with customised furniture that are unique to its owner. We produce timeless pieces with solid recycled and plantation wood according to the specifications of our customers. Other materials that are commonly incorporated in our designs include, metals, glass and mirrors.

Take your pick from various kinds of finishes and colours we offer, ranging from natural, lacquered, rustic, matt to black and white and more. The sky is the limit we say.