Wood care tips

Golden Teak’s pieces come raw and unfinished as we believe in showcasing the beauty of teak’s woodgrains in its most natural state. With the exception of clients’ requirements for high traffic pieces such as dining tables and chairs finished in our unique eco-friendly water-based matte topcoat or lacquer. 

The timeless beauty of Teak Wood is based on its design and functionality. With care, our quality pieces can last you a lifetime and generations.  

Protect wooden surface with coasters or potholders. Never set mugs or hot food directly on wood surface. 

Protect your dining table from food and drink spills by incorporating decorative and functional tablecloth or placemats.

Protect your writing desk by using a writing pad or old magazine as a base when writing on the table.

Avoid direct sunlight, heat and other environmental factors. As the light or heat can deteriorate the finishing. 

Avoid placing your furniture in front of uncovered windows or vents. 

Avoid dragging objects across wooden surface. Instead, lift and place them down. 

Dust with a duster or wipe surface with a damp 100% cotton or microfibre cloth frequently to get rid of dust build ups. Always use soft materials to dust or wipe.

If you have a spot that is heavily soiled, dip a soft cloth in water, wring it out as much as possible and dab or gently wipe the area. Immediately dry off with a soft cloth. Allow to air dry completely.

Soft furnishings care tips

Fabric sofa brings warmth to the room. The breathability of Golden Teak’s high quality fabric is also ideal for Singapore’s weather. Our beautiful, made-in-Singapore sofa comes in high density foam in customisable firmness and customisable fabric patterns. 

Many clients might be intimidated by the upkeep of fabric upholstery. Here are some easy cleaning tips to keep your sofa lasting for a long time.    

1. Vacuum up large particles with your vacuum’s soft brush bristle attachment.

2. Use a lint roller to stick and remove lint and fur.

3. Wipe down sofa surface with damp cloth.

4. Let sofa air dry completely.

1. Purchase a fabric friendly dry cleaning spray. 

2. Prepare 2 soft cloth or sponge. 

3. Spray directly on stain or spray on soft cloth or sponge.

4. Dab repeatedly or scrub the stain gently until stain comes off.

5. Wipe over the cleaned stained area with the second soft cloth or sponge to remove dry cleaning spray residue.

6. Air dry completely.

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